CISA Encourages Shared Communications System and Infrastructure (SCSI)

Author: Robert "Dusty" Rhoads

Enhancing communications operability and interoperability remains a top priority for the public safety community. As such, first responders nationwide should be encouraged to find ways to collaborate with partners across all levels of government to share infrastructure, equipment, and services through the Shared Communications System and Infrastructure (SCSI) approach.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has developed the CISA SCSI 101 Factsheet to educate the public safety community on the vision and benefits of SCSI. Specifically, the factsheet outlines the governance, risk management, resource sharing, and operations considerations that need to be addressed to ensure project success, and provides examples of where this approach has worked previously.

CISA emphasizes how SCSI focuses on encouraging active resource sharing for organizations with national security, emergency preparedness, and public safety missions, and how this can:

  • Increase operability and interoperability
  • Improve spectrum use
  • Optimize resource usage and management
  • Streamline intra-agency and interagency operations
  • Decrease duplication of investments
  • Reduce capital and operations and maintenance (O&M) expenditures
  • Enhance operational coordination and economies of scale

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