SAFECOM Releases 2019 Annual Summary

Author: Chief Gerald Reardon, SAFECOM Chair (City of Cambridge Fire Department, Massachusetts)

SAFECOM is proud to announce the release of SAFECOM’s 2019 Annual Summary, a culmination of SAFECOM’s accomplishments, products, and successes for the year.

The summary includes details on SAFECOM’s key activities and products produced by its committees and sub-groups in 2019, including SAFECOM election outcomes; the establishment of the SAFECOM Interoperability Continuum Working Group and the SAFECOM Executive Board; as well as development of guidance documents such as the Emergency Communications Systems Value Analysis Guide and Ten Keys to Improving Alerts, Warnings, and Notifications. The summary also includes recaps of major in-person meetings held in April 2019 in Pittsburgh, PA, and in November 2019 in Miami, FL. Finally, the Annual Summary includes a planned outlook on 2020 SAFECOM strategic priorities.

SAFECOM thanks all of our members who have helped us have a great 2019. Your support, collaboration, and dedication to public safety communications interoperability make our work possible.

Please see the full Annual Summary at For questions about the 2019 SAFECOM Annual Summary, please contact