SAFECOM Releases Strategic Plan for 2020

Author: Chief Gerald Reardon, SAFECOM Chair (City of Cambridge Fire Department, Massachusetts)

SAFECOM is pleased to announce the release of SAFECOM’s Strategic Plan for 2020, designed in coordination with each of the four standing SAFECOM committees and the SAFECOM Executive Board. The plan describes the Program’s short- and mid-term priorities, and associated annual products and activities, to enhance operability and interoperability for public safety communications.

Created with input from each of SAFECOM’s committees, task forces, and working groups, this plan sets the course for SAFECOM’s future and lays out the strategic priorities and planned work products that we’ll work to accomplish over the next year.

Guided by this plan, our efforts will focus on:

  •  Promoting the role of SAFECOM and conveying SAFECOM’s mission, goals, and priorities;
  •  Improving governance structures and processes;
  •  Identifying innovative ways to fund and sustain systems and activities and disseminating information on new funding sources;
  •  Promoting the use of technologies, resources, and processes;
  •  Supporting land mobile radio systems while promoting broadband technology and deployment; and
  •  Encouraging information sharing.

To move the plan forward, we will continue to need SAFECOM’s help. We will need talented, committed people from diverse backgrounds. We will require deep partnerships with others who share our vision for public safety communications interoperability. Now more than ever, leadership in the public safety communications community is critical to our common goal of interoperability. Aligned in a common vision and committed to a shared strategy, SAFECOM is well-positioned to deliver.

Thank you to SAFECOM for your time and effort in contribution to this plan, and your continued dedication and collaboration as we further our vision for assuring a safer America through effective public safety communications.

Please see the full Strategic Plan at For questions about the 2020 SAFECOM Strategic Plan, please contact