CISA Releases NECP Spotlight: Making the Most of Next Generation 9-1-1

The NECP. National Emergency Communications Plan. NECP Spotlight. Making the Most of Next Generation 9-1-1

The public safety community has been given an array of new capabilities thanks to the influx of rapidly evolving technologies. One of these critical technologies is Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG911), a multifaceted upgrade to the traditional 911 analog systems where emergency communication centers are updated to a digital or Internet-Protocol based 911 system. The latest National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP) Spotlight examines three states and their progress towards implementing NG911 and how the NECP, the Nation’s strategic plan for enhancing and strengthening emergency communications capabilities, recommends organizations continually evaluate and implement programs to keep pace with technological advancements.

By leveraging the NECP’s recommendations and the guidance in the National 911 Program’s NG911 Roadmap, public safety leaders can better develop strategies and technology roadmaps for implementing standards-based, vendor-neutral devices and applications that can sustain the unique public safety operating environment and provide mission-critical communications. To read more about the NECP and to stay up to date on the latest NECP publications, please visit If you have questions or want to share your organization’s successes in alignment with the NECP, please contact

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