CISA Publishes the FY2021 Emergency Communications TA Planning Guide

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Interoperable Communications Technical Assistance Program (ICTAP) serves all 56 states and territories. CISA provides no cost support to state, local, and tribal emergency responders and government officials through the development of training, tools, and onsite assistance to advance public safety interoperability.

CISA is delighted to publish the FY2021 Emergency Communication Technical Assistance (TA) Planning Guide (TA/SCIP Guide) to assist public safety and first responders in enhancing interoperable communications. This year’s TA/SCIP Guide includes several amplified and advanced contributions to help public safety and government officials meet the challenges of the rapidly changing emergency communications ecosystem.

This year’s TA/SCIP Guide follows the structure of the 2019 update to the National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP). The NECP extends a vision for strengthening and enhancing emergency communications capabilities nationwide and strategic plan for driving towards interoperability, which involves emergency communications ecosystem. The NECP establishes six strategic goals focused on the following: Governance and Leadership; Planning and Procedures; Training, Exercises, and Evaluation; Communications Coordination, Technology and Infrastructure; and Cybersecurity.

During FY2021, CISA will continue to expand and, if needed, customize service offerings with a focus on supporting states and territories to address the following:

  • Alerts and warnings
  • Communications unit planning and procedure
  • Coordinated statewide governance (e.g. State Mapping Tool, Interoperability Communications Reference Guides, etc.)
  • Cybersecurity education and awareness
  • Encryption Planning and Usage
  • Grant Funding for Emergency Communications
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Review and Development
  • Statewide Communication Interoperability Plan (SCIP) Workshop

For more information on ICTAP and to view the FY2021 TA/SCIP Guide please visit: or contact

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