SAFECOM Publishes Updated Fact Sheet for Stakeholder Use

Author: Wes Rogers, CISA, SAFECOM Education and Outreach Committee, Federal Lead

SAFECOM is constantly creating new guidance materials and interfacing with the public safety community to better support the evolving emergency communications ecosystem. Accordingly, SAFECOM has updated the SAFECOM Fact Sheet to emphasize how SAFECOM is simultaneously addressing emerging issues, such as information sharing and cybersecurity, and continuing to support legacy public safety operations, with reference to products such as the SAFECOM Guidance on Emergency Communications Grants and the Emergency Communications Governance Guide for State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Officials. The SAFECOM Fact Sheet also highlights how SAFECOM is actively impacting the public safety community at the highest levels by explaining its reach and involvement in other public safety governance bodies.

The public safety community is encouraged to explore and share this document to further highlight SAFECOM’s value to the public safety community. For more information on SAFECOM, please visit:

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