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Business Continuity Planning Suite

With the broad range of threats that businesses face today, an easy-to-use business continuity planning solution is more important than ever. Companies, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises, emphasize the value in ensuring that, in the event of a disruptive incident, operations and vital functions can continue without a severe drop in services. The Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Suite meets this need by enabling businesses to create, improve, or update their business continuity plans.

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Suite Components

The Suite is user-friendly and scalable for optimal organizational use.  It consists of three main components:

  • BCP training.
  • Automated BCP and disaster recovery plan (DRP) generators.
  • A self-directed exercise for testing an implemented BCP.

Business Continuity Training

A 30-minute, video-based course examines the importance of business continuity plans and prepares users to write their own plans in three main segments:

  1. What is business continuity planning?
  2. Why is business continuity planning important?
  3. What is the planning process?

The training contains an introductory video and interviews with an individual who has already successfully prepared and implemented a plan. After completing the training, you will have a basic understanding of business continuity, the process of completing a BCP, and the motivation to complete your own plan using the Suite’s generator.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan Generators

The Suite’s BCP and DRP Generators guide businesses through the process of writing their own plans. 

  • The BCP Generator builds a plan that guides a company through any disruption to a return to normal operations.
  • The DRP Generator develops a plan specific to the recovery of information technology systems. 

Both Generators have a “Save and Exit” feature that allows plans to be completed incrementally if needed. A “Print” option also allows hard copies to be produced and handed out as needed.

Business Continuity Plan Table-Top Exercise

The final component of the Suite is a self-directed exercise that tests your plan and allows users to gauge the effectiveness of their BCP and DRPs. This exercise focuses on a business’s recovery efforts following selected disruptions from a broad spectrum of threats, including hurricanes, earthquakes, ice storms, or power blackouts. 

The goal of the exercise is to improve a business’s overall recovery capabilities and collective decision-making process, while facilitating a thought-provoking exchange of ideas to help develop and expand existing knowledge of policies and procedures.

Contact Information

For more information on the Business Continuity Planning Suite, please e-mail

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