Cybersecurity Summit 2021 Day Four: The Power of Partnership

As we close our Summit, we want to focus on the Power of Partnerships. This is an exploration of the impact we’re able to make when we tackle a challenge together. The big challenges in our domain transcend organizational boundaries – elections, healthcare, supply chain – and we need to work together to solve them. Join us for our final day of the Summit at 1pm EST on Wednesday, October 27, to hear about some of the many successful partnerships in our field!

Day Four Video!


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Daily Keynote. Session Participant: General Paul Nakasone, Commander of US Cyber Command, Director of NSA


Continuity of Excellence. Session Participants: Director Jen Easterly, CISA; Chris Krebs, KSG


Responding to Mis- and Disinformation. Session Participant: Renee DiResta, Stanford Internet Observatory


Securing Democracy Through Elections. Session Participants: Bob Kolasky, CISA; Don Palmer, US EAC; Kyle Ardoin, State of Louisiana; Tammy Patrick, Democracy Fund


What Makes a Good Partnership. Session Participants: Kiersten E. Todt, CISA; Chris Young, Microsoft


Congressional Cybersecurity Priorities. Session Participants: Brandon Wales, CISA; Moira Bergin, US House of Representatives; Bob Joachim, US House of Representatives; Liam McKenna, US Senate


Cross-Sector Collaboration. Session Participants: Kiersten E. Todt, CISA; George Stathakopoulos, Apple; Kevin Tierney, General Motors


Cyber Informed Engineering. Session Participant: Zach Tudor, INL


The Changing Cyber Landscape in Healthcare. Session Participants: Reuven Pasternak, CISA; Marene Allison, Johnson & Johnson; Jacki Monson, Sutter Health; Nina Alli, Biohacking Village


AUS CI. Session Participant: Abigail Bradshaw, ACSC


Summit Closer. Session Participant: Director Jen Easterly, CISA


Last Updated Date: October 27, 2021

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