Cybersecurity Summit 2021 Day One: Assembly Required: Pieces of the Vulnerability Management Ecosystem

The Fourth Annual National Cybersecurity Summit begins by bringing together leaders across the government, academia, and industry for an opportunity to examine the Vulnerability Management Ecosystem through a variety of lenses. Supply chain impacts all of us. Join us at 1pm ET October 6, as we discuss collaborative approaches to effectively combat threats and learn strategies to better understand and manage vulnerabilities. We'll explore vulnerability management, cloud security, the vulnerability disclosure process, and how to best put an end to bad practices.

Day One Video!


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Summit Keynote. Session Participant: Jen Easterly - Director, CISA


Hacker Perspectives on Vulnerabilities and Disclosures. Session Participants: Beau Woods, CISA; Katie Paxton-Fear, Bugcrowd; Cris Thomas; Space Rogue/IBM


CVEs: How the Whole Thing Works. Session Participants: Chris Levendis, MITRE; Katie Trimble-Noble, Intel; Chandan Nandakumaraiah, Palo Alto Networks


Caution Ahead: Putting an End to Bad Practices. Session Participants: Boyden Rohner, CISA; Garin Pace, AIG; Andrea Matwyshyn, PSU


Cloud Vulnerability Management. Session Participant: Jeanette Manfra, Google Cloud


The future is now — Are You Ready to Address Your Vulnerabilities? Session Participants: Mara E.B. Winn, CISA; Jennifer Bisceglie, Interos Inc; Kathryn Condello, Lumen Technologies


Last Updated Date: October 6, 2021

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