Cybersecurity Summit 2021 Day Two: Collaborating for the Collective Defense

Our cyber adventure continues with Week 2, Collaborating for the Collective Defense. We’ve all learned the lesson that we can’t win this fight on our own, so how can we best come together to protect ourselves and each other? Join us at 1pm ET on October 13 for an exploration of strategic and tactical approaches to collaborative defense spanning companies and agencies, industries, and countries.

Day Two Video!


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Daily Keynote. Session Participant: Chris Inglis, National Cyber Director /cybersummit-2021-session-day-2-daily-keynote


JCDC Panel. Session Participants: Matt Hartman, CISA; Nasrin Rezai, Verizon; Alex Tosheff, VMware; Alissa Starzak, Cloudflare


Federal Defenders. Session Participants: Eric Goldstein, CISA; Rob Joyce, NSA; Bryan Vorndran, FBI; Maj Gen Joe Hartman, CNMF


BadAlloc: A Case Study in Pre-Disclosure Collaboration. Session Participants: Lindsey Cerkovnic, CISA; Jessica Wilkerson, FDA


Insights on Energy. Session Participants: Caitlin Durkovich, NSC; Tom Fanning, Southern Company; Puesh Kumar, DOE; Bill Fehrman, Berkshire Hathaway Energy


Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative. Session Participant: Brian M. Boynton, DOJ


Zero Trust. Session Participants: Brian Gattoni, CISA; Kevin Bingham, NSA; Eric Mill, OMB


State and Local Challenges. Session Participants: Alex Joves, CISA; Alicia Tate Nadeau, National Guard

International Fireside Chat. Session Participants: Jen Easterly, Director CISA; Lindy Cameron, The National Cyber Security Centre

Last Updated Date: October 15, 2021

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