Cybersummit 2020 Session Day 2: Accelerating Innovation

12:50 - 1:10 pm - Accelerating Innovation to Address 5G Network Security Requirements. Session Participant: Diane Rinaldo, O-RAN Policy Alliance

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About The Speaker

Diane Rinaldo, Executive Director of Open RAN Policy Coalition

Speaker: Diane Rinaldo, Open RAN Policy CoalitionDiane Rinaldo is one of the country’s leading authorities on 5G, telecommunications supply chain security, privacy, and Internet governance. She served as Acting Administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information. During her time at NTIA, Ms. Rinaldo directed the Administration’s efforts on privacy; testified in the House of Representatives and Senate on 5G and Internet security issues; served as a principal advising the White House and Congress on 5G and supply chain; as well as other successes in education and deployment of Internet access around the world.

Diane currently serves at Senior Vice President at Beacon Global Strategies.

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