Cybersummit 2020 Session Day 2: On The Ground Perspective for Small Businesses

2:40 - 2:50 pm - On the Ground Perspective for Small Businesses. Session Participant: Ola Sage - Cyberrx

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About The Speaker

Ola Sage, CyberRx

Speaker: Ola Sage - CyberRxMs. Sage has spent more than 20 years improving the cybersecurity readiness of small- and medium-sized businesses through engagement with CEOs, business groups, and Congress. As CEO of CyberRx, she leads the development of software platforms and solutions that businesses can use to track, measure, and improve their cybersecurity health and preparedness. Prior to this position, Ms. Sage was President and CEO of a government focused information technology professional services company for 18 years. From 2016 to 2018, Ms. Sage served as the Chair of the Information Technology Sector Coordinating Council (IT SCC). Ms. Sage also serves on the nation’s first Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Supply Chain Risk Management Task Force, a public-private partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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