Cybersummit 2020 Session Day 2: Public Safety Cybersecurity

1:50 - 2:10 pm - Brandon Abley - NENA, Tyrell Morris - NOLA 911, Laurie Flaherty - National 911 Office, Mary Boyd - Intrado Life & Safety

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About The Speakers

Brandon Abley, National Emergency Number Association (NENA)

Speaker: Brandon Abley, NENABrandon Abley is Director of Technology for NENA: The 9-1-1 Association. In this capacity he works with a community of experts in the development of NENA technical standards and advises, educates and advocates on technical issues for the emergency calling community. He represents the United States, public safety and 9-1-1 with a variety of standards development and advocacy bodies, including ATIS, ETSI, IETF and EENA. Prior to working with NENA, Mr. Abley has worked in the public safety communications field as a technology consultant, served as a senior public safety communications official for the state of Minnesota and was a telecommunications specialist for the US National Park Service.

Laurie Flaherty, National 911 Office

Speaker: Laurie Flaherty, National 911 OfficeLaurie Flaherty is an emergency nurse, who has more than 25 years of clinical experience. Her experience includes flight nursing and certification as an emergency medical technician. She received her bachelor’s degree in nursing at Marquette University, and has a master’s degree in emergency and trauma nursing from the University of California, San Francisco. 

For the last 15 years, Laurie has been the Coordinator of the National 911 Program, which is housed within the Office of Emergency Medical Services at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In that capacity, Laurie has managed the program that has given 911 a federal “home;” served as an inclusive convener for the public and private organizations involved in delivering state and local 911 service; and a trusted source of tools, resources and information to help the 911 community deliver optimal 911 service.

Tyrell Morris, Orleans Parish Communication District (New Orleans 9-1-1/3-1-1)

Speaker: Tyrell Morris, Orleans Parish Communication DistrictExecutive Director Morris came to Orleans Parish Communication District (OPCD) with more than 15 years of success leading operations within high profile diverse public, private and non-profit organizations. During that time, he experienced repeated success driving and leading large-scale operations to ensure standards of excellence and business prosperity. Mr. Morris is a consummate communicator with expertise in cross-functional collaboration and the ability to ensure buy-in and engagement from all stakeholders. 

Mr. Morris is also highly accomplished in emergency and crisis management with expertise in leading business-wide projects that make an impact. He is an adept presenter, negotiator, consultant and businessperson able to build and maintain strong relationships across organizational lines and levels while also delivering quality improvements and ROI.

After becoming Executive Director of OPCD, Mr. Morris recognized an opportunity to challenge his staff to consistently seek ways to be their best selves during each and every shift, and so developed the acronym, SHOWUP (S-Sincere, H-Honest, O-Optimistic, W-Well-informed, U-Upbeat, and P-Procedurally compliant). The development of SHOWUP and the buy-in from OPCD staff has been a key factor in enabling OPCD to provide the citizens of New Orleans with top-notch emergency and non-emergency services when they need them most.

Mary Boyd, Intrado Life & Safety

Speaker: Mary Boyd, Intrado - Life & SafetyMary Boyd is Vice President of Regulatory, Policy and External Affairs for West Safety Services and has over 30 years of Public Safety experience. Her career has ranged from PSAP Operations, to Statewide 911 Authority, and in the late 90’s she moved into the Private Sector. While serving in a state leadership role she was involved with 9-1-1 system design, implementation, funding and regulatory issues associated with deployment of the service at both the State and Federal Government levels. Since that time she her private sector roles have allowed her to remain and dedicated to ensuring the policies, products and services of 9-1-1 are aligned with the needs of public safety. Most recently, the FCC asked her to serve on CSRIC VII as the Working Group 4 Chair focused on Interoperability and Cyber issues related to 911. 

Beyond the statewide planning and deployment of 9-1-1 in Texas, Ms. Boyd’s numerous contributions to public safety communications include the advancement of the historical FCC Docket 94-102, which established the requirements for wireless 9-1-1 functionality. Since the early 1990s she has served as a subject matter expert on 9-1-1 issues with Congress, the FCC and State 911 Authorities and Regulatory Boards. She serves on many national forums, has co-authored publications, is a frequent speaker at public safety association events and has been recognized nationally for her accomplishments.

Ms. Boyd has held many voluntary board positions with public safety associations. She is a former President of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and the National Association of State 9-1-1 Administrators (NASNA) and currently serves of on the NG9-1-1 Institute Board of Directors. Ms. Boyd has also received the  William E. Stanton Award for lifetime achievement from the National Emergency Number Association. She also holds a board seat with the Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT). She is also an active participants in the ATIS Network Reliability Steering Council. When she’s not working on her public safety efforts, Ms. Boyd is Mayor for the City of  Comanche, and Founder of Gateway of Hope, Comanche. She holds an undergraduate degree from St. Edwards University and has completed advanced studies at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

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