Cybersummit 2020 Session Day 3: Vignette (Miller)

Vignette. Session Participant: Alyssa Miller, SNYK

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About The Speaker

Alyssa Miller, SNYK

Speaker: Alyssa Miller, SNYKAlyssa Miller been a hacker, programmer, and advocate since she bought her first computer at age 12 and taught herself BASIC programming. Her career began in programming and later pivoted to security as a penetration tester. She has 15 years experience in security and leadership across enterprise, consulting, and security product roles.

Alyssa crusades against imposter syndrome and advocates for aspiring security professionals trying to find a path into security. She’s a researcher, author and internationally recognized speaker. Her advocacy extends to ensuring diverse representation from all backgrounds in security. She’s a member of the WiCyS racial equity committee, a WoSEC chapter leader and presenter for She Speaks Security at RSA 2020. She is currently a security advocate for Snyk.

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