Cybersummit 2021 Session Day 1: The Future Is Now – Are You Ready To Address Your Vulnerabilities?

The future is now — Are You Ready to Address Your Vulnerabilities? Session Participants: Mara E.B. Winn, CISA; Jennifer Bisceglie, Interos Inc; Kathryn Condello, Lumen Technologies


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About the Speaker

Moderator: Mara E.B. Winn, Associate Director for Planning and Coordination, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Mara E. B. Winn is the Associate Director for Planning and Coordination at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) National Risk Management Center (NRMC). Mara has more than twenty years of experience in all stages of acquisition management, systems engineering, project management, and product development life cycles from analysis through implementation and closeout. She oversees planning and collaboration activities within the NRMC focused on addressing the Nation's highest priority critical infrastructure risks, originating from cyber-attacks and other hazards. The NRMC serves as the end-to-end integrator of risk management activities for National Critical Functions, and leverages that risk expertise to support overall execution of the CISA mission.

Jennifer Bisceglie, Founder & CEO, Interos Inc.

Jennifer Bisceglie is the founder and CEO of Interos, the dynamic supply chain risk management and operational resilience company. Under Jennifer’s leadership, Interos, a ‘unicorn’ startup with a $1B+ valuation, has established itself as a major player in the emerging operational resilience space, empowering clients such as the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, and a host of Fortune 500 companies with the tools and counsel needed to detect and respond to crises before they happen. Jennifer and Interos have disrupted the traditional supply chain risk management discipline, bringing 24x7 real-time visibility into every supplier at every tier and at every location around the world. As a woman business owner, Jennifer is also a long-time advocate for empowering other female entrepreneurs, working on behalf of organizations including Women Impacting Public Policy, where she served as a chairperson. Jennifer also served as a U.S. delegate to the Women's 20.

Kathryn Condello, Sr. Director, National Security/Emergency Preparedness, Lumen Technologies

Kathryn Condello represents Lumen at the Federal level in all policy, planning and operational issues related to National Security, Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Response, Cybersecurity, Critical Infrastructure Protection, and Continuity of Operations. Kathryn has a number of leadership roles including Senior Resident Liaison to DHS CISA National Coordinating Center (NCC), Vice-Chair, Communications SCC, Executive Committee, DHS ICT SCRM TF, and Past Chair, DHS NCC/Comms-ISAC.

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