4th Annual National Cybersecurity Summit

Cybersummit Save the Date banner - October 6, 13, 20, 27

We are excited to bring back our Annual National Cybersecurity Summit for its fourth year! Last year’s Cybersecurity Summit, hosted online as a series of four weekly virtual events, drew more than 15,000 attendees. This year's event will follow a similar schedule. We are hosting four virtual events every Wednesday starting at 1 pm ET throughout the month of October.

The #CISACyberSummit brings together cybersecurity and critical infrastructure stakeholders from around the world and provides a forum for meaningful conversations and collaboration about how we can protect our physical and cyber infrastructure. Each day features presentations from targeted leaders across government, academia, and industry.

This is a no-cost event and is open to everyone.

DOT Cybersecurity Symposium 2021

Interested in learning even more about cybersecurity? Each Wednesday morning in October, prior to CISA’s Cyber Summit, the Department of Transportation (DOT) is hosting their sixth Annual Cybersecurity Symposium. The virtual DOT  Cybersecurity Symposium will be hosted via Microsoft Teams Live with webinars scheduled within timeframe of 8:00am to 1:00pm EST. For registration and more information, please visit DOT Cybersecurity Symposium 2021




Cybersummit Assembly Required

October 6: Assembly Required: Pieces of the Vulnerability Management Ecosystem


Cybersummit Collaborating for the Collective Defense

October 13: Collaborating for the Collective Defense

Cybersummit Team Awesome

October 20: Team Awesome: The Cyber Workforce


Cybersummit The Cyber/Physical Convergence

October 27: The Power of Partnership


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the CISA Annual National Cybersecurity Summit?

Critical infrastructure stakeholders will come together from around the world to participate in a forum with meaningful conversations and collaboration on cybersecurity.

The event is open to all and there is no cost to register.

Where is the Cybersummit being held?

The 4th Annual National Cybersecurity Summit is virtual this year. Look for our Wednesday webinars, launching October 6 and concluding October 27. More information on the platform and Cybersummit access instructions will be provided as we get closer to the event dates and after participants register.

Who can register?

The CISA National Cybersecurity Summit is open to all, and there is no cost to register. Event registration opens September 8, 2021.

Is there an agenda? When will it be live? 

The agenda will be available in the coming weeks. Please continue to check this page for updates.

When will the links to the webinars be available?

Registered attendees will receive event links in the coming weeks. Please continue to check this page for updates.

How can I participate? Can I be a speaker?

This year CISA did not issue a call for proposals.  At this time, all summit presentations will be developed in coordination between CISA personnel and our partners.

Will there be a virtual exhibit hall? 

There will not be a virtual exhibit hall at the Cybersummit.

Is there an alternate form of registration, other than Eventbrite? 

No. If you are unable to register from certain government domains or email addresses (i.e., .mil), please register using another device and/or email address.

Will Cybersummit content be available after the event?

Yes, following the event, the Cybersummit series will be posted.  

Is media invited?

The Cybersummit is open to media. For more information, please reach out to CISAmedia@cisa.dhs.gov.

Will Continued Professional Education (CPEs) credits be provided for attending the summit?

No, attendees will not be provided a Certificate of Attendance or earn CPEs for attending the CISA National Cybersecurity Summit. 

How can I partner with CISA? How can I do business with CISA?

Our Industry Liaisons are available to help businesses connect with CISA. They accept capabilities briefings, forge program connections, answer questions, and resolve problems. Please email cisavendorengagement@cisa.dhs.gov.

Will translators be available during the event?

No, there will be no translation available during the event. However, the platform used to broadcast the event will feature Closed Caption to aid hearing impairment.

When will the links to the webinars be available? 

Registered attendees will receive event links via Eventbrite on the day of the event at 12 pm ET. If you register after 12 pm ET the day of the event, please check www.cisa.gov/cybersummit2021 for updates.

Do I need to download Eventbrite to view the event?

No, you do not need to download Eventbrite to access the National Cybersecurity Summit. You do need to register which doesn’t require a download or payment.

I cannot access the link from the National Cybersecurity Summit page. Is there a work around?

Try logging out of the VPN and paste the cisa.gov/live link into a web browser. Once the VPN shuts down and the link is re-entered, the livestream should load properly.  If this does not work, contact your IT support team.


Past Events

2020 National Cybersecurity Summit

The third annual National Cybersecurity Summit gathered over 15,000 virtual attendees. The event covered these topics:

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