CISA 5th Annual National Cybersecurity Summit

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has decided to postpone the 5th Annual National Cybersecurity Summit due to the mission-critical work of preparing for the potential impact of Hurricane Ian in the region. The summit was originally scheduled to occur one week from today on October 4. 

As the nation’s lead agency dedicated to reducing risk to our critical infrastructure, CISA engages with our public and private sector partners to facilitate response and recovery of essential services like energy, water, transportation and other vital functions before, during and after hurricanes and other natural disasters.

We will bring together many of great planned speakers at a later date. And throughout October, we will continue to bring our message of cyber hygiene and resilience to the American people and encourage all Americans to “See yourself in cyber” taking action to stay safe online 

Keeping checking this page and follow CISA on social media for the latest news and updated registration information when it’s available.  

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