Emergency Services Sector Training

The Department of Homeland Security as the Sector-Specific Agency for the Emergency Services Sector, along with other government agencies, provide a wide array of free training programs to government and private sector partners to facilitate the Emergency Services Sector mission.

Federal Emergency Management Agency National Preparedness Directorate

The Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) National Preparedness Directorate provides searchable, integrated information on courses provided or managed by FEMA’s Center for Domestic Preparedness, Emergency Management Institute, and National Training and Education Division.

Center for Domestic Preparedness

The Center for Domestic Preparedness, located in Anniston, Alabama, is the United States Department of Homeland Security's only federally chartered Weapons of Mass Destruction training center.

Emergency Management Institute

Through its courses and integrated programs, the Emergency Management Institute serves as the national focal point for the development and delivery of emergency management training that will minimize the impact of disasters and emergencies on the American public by enhancing the capabilities of:

  • State, local, tribal, and territorial government officials.
  • Volunteer organizations.
  • FEMA’s disaster workforce.
  • Other Federal agencies.
  • Public and private sectors.

National Training and Education Division

The National Training and Education Division serves the nation's first responder community, offering more than 150 courses to help build critical skills first responders need to function effectively in mass consequence events.

Office for Bombing Prevention

Technical Resource for Incident Prevention (TRIPwire)

Developed and maintained by the Office of Infrastructure Protection’s Office for Bombing Prevention, the Technical Resource for Incident Prevention (TRIPwire) is the Department’s 24/7 online, secure, collaborative, information-sharing network for bomb squad, law enforcement, and other emergency services personnel to learn about current terrorist improvised explosive device tactics, techniques, and procedures, including design and emplacement considerations.

Bombing Prevention Training

The Office for Bombing Prevention provides an array of bombing prevention trainings and resources.

Active Shooter Preparedness

The Department of Homeland Security aims to enhance Active Shooter Preparedness by providing training, products, and resources to a broad range of stakeholders on issues, such as active shooter awareness, incident response, and workplace violence.

For more information, go to Emergency Services Sector Active Shooter Workshop.

Emergency Services Sector Resources

For other resources available to the Emergency Services Sector, please visit the Emergency Services Sector Resources webpage.


For more information, contact the Emergency Services Sector-Specific Agency at essteam@hq.dhs.gov.

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