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The ISC Webinar Series is designed to promote and share expertise and guidance on ISC policies, standards, and recommendations for federal facility infrastructure security and resilience. These webinars may also be applicable to other critical infrastructure including public buildings owned, leased, or managed by state, local, territorial, and tribal governments or private sector entities. The ISC Webinar Series features subject matter experts and practitioners who share their insights and experience.

Who Should Attend?

Facility Security Committee (FSC) Chairs, FSC Members, Executives, Managers and any personnel involved in making facility funding, leasing, security, or other risk management decisions.

Access past ISC Webinar slides at our ISC Webinars Publications page.

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Protecting Against the Threat of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Thursday, May 6th at 11 a.m. EDT

The ISC’s Protecting Against the Threat of Unmanned Aircraft Systems: An Interagency Security Committee Best Practice outlines awareness and mitigation measures for use by federal departments and agencies to protect against malicious UAS operations. Although most agencies do not have the authority to disable, disrupt, or seize control of an unmanned aircraft, there are other effective risk reduction measures they may implement. This webinar will provide best practices from the ISC’s UAS publication that any organization or facility can use to mitigate UAS threats.

Access the UAS Webinar slides at our ISC Webinars Publications page.

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