Election infrastructure

dotgov Domain fact sheet

This fact sheet explains the importance for election officials to sign up for a .gov domain. Election officials continue to combat false and misleading election information, making it increasingly difficult to identify trusted sources of information. As the Agency that oversees the .gov top-level domain, CISA provides .gov domains for election offices to help the public quickly identify accurate election information.

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Chain of Custody and Critical Infrastructure Systems

Chain of custody is a complex process. Often associated with the preservation of evidence for law enforcement, chain of custody also plays an important role in security and risk mitigation for critical infrastructure sectors and their assets. Without secure chain of custody practices, critical infrastructure systems and assets could be unknowingly accessed and manipulated by threat actors. The integrity of critical infrastructure assets and systems could also be questioned, with the inability of critical infrastructure owners and operators to prove otherwise.

War on Pineapple

This infographic, with a tongue-in-cheek approach to putting pineapple on pizza, looks at how foreign adversaries conduct malign information operations to inflame hot button issues in the United States.

Stop Disinformation Products

A set of infographics that provides an overview of mis-, dis-, and malinformation and five ways in which individuals can help to stop the foreign influence operations: recognizing the risk, questioning the source, investigating the issue, thinking before you link, and talking to your circle.

MDM Resource Library

The Mis, Dis, Malinformation (MDM) Resource Library library provides voluntary resources that individuals; SLTT governments; the private sector; academia; and others can use to understand the threat of malicious information activities and includes actions to mitigate associated risks from MDM and foreign influence activities.