Emergency Services

Emergency Services Sector Profile

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, as the Emergency Services Sector-Specific Agency (ES SSA), has compiled this data to present a picture of the Emergency Services Sector (ESS) as a whole and open an avenue to greater federal and sector partner coordination regarding emergency services discipline definitions; national census and data collection methods; and community awareness of capabilities, dependencies, and interdependencies.

Emergency Services Sector Resilience Development Project

The strategies needed by first responders to identify risks and protect critical infrastructure are unlike any found within the other 15 sectors. While most of the other sectors are focused on security and resilience for fixed facilities, these measures fall short of the Emergency Services Sector (ESS) response goals and priorities. Success for the ESS, from a critical infrastructure perspective, requires that responders’ ability to plan, mitigate, and respond must be greater than locally and regionally calculated risks.