Stop Disinformation Products

A set of infographics that provides an overview of mis-, dis-, and malinformation and five ways in which individuals can help to stop the foreign influence operations: recognizing the risk, questioning the source, investigating the issue, thinking before you link, and talking to your circle.

MDM Resource Library

The Mis, Dis, Malinformation (MDM) Resource Library library provides voluntary resources that individuals; SLTT governments; the private sector; academia; and others can use to understand the threat of malicious information activities and includes actions to mitigate associated risks from MDM and foreign influence activities.

ICT SCRM Task Force Events

CISA's virtual event, Partnership in Action: Driving Supply Chain Security, will take place on December 17 from 2-4 pm ET. This event is a unique opportunity for the cybersecurity, critical infrastructure, and information security communities to learn about the Task Force’s progress, findings, and accomplishments in Year Two to further assess and manage risks associated with the global ICT supply chain.

5G Edge Vs Core

The Edge vs. Core - An Increasingly Less Pronounced Distinction in 5G Networks informs stakeholders about how edge computing increases the risks of untrusted components into 5G networks by moving core functions away from traditional network boundaries. The product is intended to provide an overview of edge computing and represents CISA’s analysis of the risks associated with installation of untrusted components into 5G infrastructures.