Stuff Off Search

While zero-day attacks draw the most attention, frequently less-complex exposures to both cyber and physical security are missed. Get your Stuff Off Search - S.O.S. - and reduce Internet attack surfaces that are visible to anyone on web-based search platforms.

5G Potential Threat Vectors

CISA, in coordination with the National Security Agency, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, as part of the Enduring Security Framework (ESF)—a cross-sector, public-private working group—released a Potential Threat Vectors to 5G Infrastructure paper. This paper identifies and assesses risks and vulnerabilities introduced by 5G.

ICT SCRM Task Force Events

CISA's virtual event, Partnership in Action: Driving Supply Chain Security, will take place on December 17 from 2-4 pm ET. This event is a unique opportunity for the cybersecurity, critical infrastructure, and information security communities to learn about the Task Force’s progress, findings, and accomplishments in Year Two to further assess and manage risks associated with the global ICT supply chain.

5G Edge Vs Core

The Edge vs. Core - An Increasingly Less Pronounced Distinction in 5G Networks informs stakeholders about how edge computing increases the risks of untrusted components into 5G networks by moving core functions away from traditional network boundaries. The product is intended to provide an overview of edge computing and represents CISA’s analysis of the risks associated with installation of untrusted components into 5G infrastructures.

Resilience Series Graphic Novels

Disinformation is an existential threat to the United States, our democratic way of life, and the critical infrastructure and functions on which it relies. CISA’s Resilience Series (of which Real Fake is its first graphic novel) communicates the dangers and risks associated with dis- and misinformation through fictional stories that are inspired by real-world events.

5G Strategy

The CISA 5G Strategy details our approach to advance the development and deployment of a secure and resilient fifth generation (5G) infrastructure, one that promotes national security, data integrity, technological innovation, and economic opportunity for the United States and its allied partners. 

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Information Technology Sector

This document highlights areas of elevated risk resulting from the software-enabled and connected aspects of IoT technologies and their role in the physical world. It provides information on certain vulnerabilities and weaknesses, suggests solutions for common challenges, and identifies factors to consider before purchasing or using Internet of Things devices, systems, and services.