Stop.Think.Connect. Videos

Stop. Think. Connect.

The Stop.Think.Connect. PSA Challenge, which ran from November 2010 to May 2011, provided Americans across the country with an opportunity to submit short videos encouraging fellow citizens to practice safe online habits.  These are the winning submissions.


"Stop.Think.Connect.", which provides an overview of the Stop.Think.Connect. message, was created by the Microsoft Corporation who partners with the National Cyber Security Alliance to help Americans understand the cyber threats that exist and how to protect themselves and their families. View the "Stop.Think.Connect." video.

The Woes of Wifi

"The Woes of Wifi" was created by Paul Dockter, Devon Greene and Jared Mengenhausen from Dakota State University. They produced this video, which demonstrates the importance of using a secure online network, as part of a homework assignment for their System Software Security class - they received an "A". View "The Woes of Wifi" video.

Names Hurt

“Names Hurt”, which highlights how hurtful words said online can be just as damaging if not more damaging than those said in person, was created by Stop Child Predators. This non-profit combats the sexual exploitation of children by advocating for tougher penalties for convicted sex offenders and promoting online safety measures through awareness and training programs. View the "Names Hurt" video.

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