National Cybersecurity and Protection System Documents

CISA released a draft of the National Cybersecurity and Protection System (NCPS) Cloud Interface Reference Architecture (CIRA) on December 19, 2019. A final version of Volume 1 is below.

Request for Comments:

The draft version of the NCIRA Volume 2 will be open for comment through January 29, 2021. Comments and feedback for the document should be submitted to for agencies’ convenience. While reviewing the document, CISA is interested in gathering agency responses focused on the following key questions:

  1. Is your agency familiar with NCIRA Volume 1? Does NCIRA Volume 1 provide adequate background for reporting patterns in NCIRA Volume 2? Please list any gaps or request for additional information.

  2. Does your agency have one or more cloud deployments that match reporting patterns in Volume 2? If so, which patterns are most useful? If not, please describe your reporting pattern, using attributes and options. Include any additional implementation details, e.g. vendor or product.

  3. Does the reporting pattern structure provide the right level of information for your agency?

  4. Is there any additional information that your agency would like to see in NCIRA Volume 2?

  5. Does your agency have a cloud deployment and interested in it becoming a pilot for NCIRA/CLAW?