CFATS Decision Tree: Could Site Security Plan Edits be Required?

After completing the CSAT 2.0 Top-Screen, facilities may receive a new tier. Facilities that receive a new tier or a revised tiering (e.g., a newly tiered COI or new security concern) must submit a new or revised Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) and Site Security Plan (SSP) if either:

  1. The facility was previously not tiered and receives a tiering letter indicating it is now a tier 1, 2, 3, or 4 facility, or
  2. The facility's security posture in its current SVA and SSP does not address all of the tiered chemical(s) of interest (COIs) and security concerns at the new tier levels.

Facilities may utilize this decision-making resource and contact DHS at if they need assistance in making this initial determination. Ultimately, DHS will determine if a facility's SSP contains measures adequate for the new risk tier.