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CISA has released draft guidance to assist federal civilian agencies in their transition to contemporary architectures and services. CISA is adjudicating the comments from the request for comments (RFC) period, webinars, and roadshows in January 2020 and plans to release the final guidance documents in Spring 2020.  The official RFC period is currently closed.

  1. Program Guidebook (Volume 1) – Outlines the modernized TIC program and includes its historical context
  2. Reference Architecture (Volume 2) – Defines the concepts of the program to guide and constrain the diverse implementations of the security capabilities
  3. Security Capabilities Handbook (Volume 3) – Indexes security capabilities relevant to TIC
  4. Use Case Handbook (Volume 4) – Introduces use cases, which describe an implementation of TIC for each identified use
    • Traditional TIC Use Case – Describes the architecture and security capabilities guidance for the conventional TIC implementation
    • Branch Office Use Case – Describes the architecture and security capabilities guidance for remote offices
  5. Service Provider Overlay Handbook (Volume 5) – Introduces overlays, which map the security functions of a service provider to the TIC capabilities
    • Overlays are under development and will be released at a later date
  6. Pilot Process Handbook - Establishes a framework for agencies to execute pilots
  7. NCPS Cloud Reference Architecture - Explains how agencies can satisfy CISA's EINSTEIN cloud requirements*

Additional information regarding TIC 3.0 documentation can be found on the CISA website. Historical TIC program documentation has been archived to the TIC page on OMB MAX.

*The National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS) is supporting the TIC modernization efforts via the release of its Cloud Interface Reference Architecture. Additional information regarding NCPS can be found on the program’s CISA web page.


For questions concerning the TIC Program, please contact: tic@cisa.dhs.gov

Sean Connelly, Trusted Internet Connections Program Manager


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