Region 7: Who We Are

Covering 285,606 square miles and spanning four U.S. States and nine Tribal Nations, Region 7 is a diverse geographic area. Through a regional office strategically located in Kansas City, Mo., regional personnel manage mission execution through steady state and incident operations, critical infrastructure analysis, and strategic outreach to critical infrastructure partners. Protective Security Advisors (PSAs), Chemical Security Inspectors (CSIs), Cyber Security Advisors (CSAs), Emergency Communications Division Coordinators, and visiting CISA staff all coordinate their critical infrastructure protection missions through the regional offices, and collaborate on regional critical infrastructure efforts, as needed. Regional personnel coordinate training events and exercises for stakeholders; participate in external planning with state, local, tribal, territorial, and private sector partners; and provide advice and expertise to stakeholders on infrastructure protection, data tools and information sharing platforms, critical infrastructure sector specialties, and resilience and recovery.   

Region 7’s Mission Focus Areas for 2021 create a framework to execute CISA mission sets. While the below list of priorities is not intended to be the sole focus of all Regional activities, the Region 7 Director has identified six operational priorities that span across several focus areas, objectives, milestones, and metrics which, when accomplished, provide the most value-added activities to the Region this fiscal year.    

  • Regional Integration: Provide situational awareness and programmatic coordination across the regional programs through established platforms, reporting, meetings, and delivering services in a “One CISA” approach.   
  • Election Security: Increase the resilience and security of elections infrastructure through continued engagement, education, and information sharing with State and local elections officials, and reviewing and revising internal processes as we identify lessons observed.    
  • CISA Program Delivery to Stakeholders: Enhance the region’s risk mitigation capabilities by supporting state, local, tribal, and private sector efforts to reduce risk to regional critical infrastructure through the integrated development and delivery of CISA programs and resources.    
  • Special Event Support: Provide support to regionally significant special events and provide relevant resources to stakeholders to help inform and reduce risk.    
  • Incident Preparedness, Incident Response, and Emergency Support Function #14: Prepare to support significant incidents through planning, preparedness, stakeholder engagement, and documenting and incorporating lessons observed into our future plans.    
  • Mission Support to Regional Personnel: Enhance the planning process to support regional training, budget, and support requirements. 

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