Introduction to Chemical Security

1 - 3 pm ET (10 am - noon PT)
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This course provides an introduction to identifying, assessing, evaluating, and mitigating chemical security risks. This easy-to-understand overview identifies key components and best practices of chemical security awareness and planning to help kickstart chemical security discussions at your facility.

This course runs 1-2 hours in length and is appropriate for all personnel regardless of their level of involvement with dangerous chemicals.

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Course Topics

Importance of chemical security

  • Overview of chemical terrorism events
  • CISA chemical security programs and resources

The potential terrorist threat

  • Dangerous chemicals and industries in which they may be used

Risk assessment overview

  • Analyzing and evaluating risk at your facility

Introduction to security goals and concepts

  • Security-in-depth
  • Components of a security plan

Additional Details

Training Audience
All personnel regardless of their level of involvement with dangerous chemicals
Course Length
1-2 hours
Host Organization

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency's ChemLock Program