Stop.Think.Connect. In Your Community

Emerging cyber threats require engagement from the entire nation to create a safe, secure, and resilient cyber environment. We must work together to secure our most critical infrastructures that power our hospitals, supply our water, support our national defense, and drive our country’s economic engine. The Stop.Think.Connect. Campaign encourages communities to embrace a more sustained, proactive approach towards online safety and directly engages communities to promote awareness and dialogue about the dangers Americans face online. Community engagement focuses on dialogue on cybersecurity issues between diverse community members from government entities and industry to academia and non-profits, all of whom would benefit from a collective, hands-on approach to online safety.

How To Get Involved

The Campaign encourages organizations as well as individuals to take a leadership role in the planning and implementation of cybersecurity awareness events and activities, while also getting directly involved and participating. Some ideas on how to get involved are below. For more information, please contact the Campaign directly at You can also find additional resources here.

Friends of the Campaign

The Stop.Think.Connect. Friends program is an opportunity for you to help us spread the word about what we can all do to enhance our safety and security online. Anyone can become a Friend of the Campaign.

Learn more about becoming a Friend.

Stop.Think.Connect. Partner Programs

Non-profit, government, and academic organizations are all welcome to partner with the Stop.Think.Connect. Campaign. Our partners benefit from connecting with other organizations throughout the country and have access to Stop.Think.Connect. and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) resources and materials.

National Network

Americans use the Internet daily to communicate with colleagues, share vital information, and conduct business. As we embrace the modern conveniences of a digitally connected world, it’s also important to take simple steps to help ensure our online experiences are as secure as possible. Non-profit organizations reach a wide range of stakeholders who can benefit from the resources and tips the Stop.Think.Connect. Campaign provides.

Find out more about our National Network

Cyber Awareness Coalition

By becoming a member of the Cyber Awareness Coalition, organizations can help DHS get the word out about Stop.Think.Connect. The Coalition is currently open to all federal agencies and state, local, tribal, and territorial governments. Member organizations will receive access to Campaign materials, templates, resources, and tips to assist with promoting cybersecurity and Stop.Think.Connect.

Find out more about our Cyber Awareness Coalition.

Academic Alliance

Academia is often at the forefront of expanding our ever-evolving cyber universe. As new ground is forged and the benefits of a digitally connected world are enhanced, academia has an opportunity to lead by example in ensuring the online practices of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community are as secure as possible. Non-profit colleges and universities can join the Stop.Think.Connect. Academic Alliance.

Find out more about the Academic Alliance

Spread the Word

You can help spread the word about Stop.Think.Connect. by linking to us in your blog or social networking profile, emailing your neighborhood listserv, or writing letters to the editor of your local news outlets. Our materials are available to the public, so feel free to tailor them to your needs.

Visit Stop.Think.Connect. on Facebook.

Request a Speaker for Your Event

If you would like to request a speaker from DHS to present on the Stop.Think.Connect. Campaign at an event, please submit your request to Please provide your event location, number of attendees, date(s), and other useful information in your request. Someone from the Campaign will respond to your request as soon as possible.

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