Best Practices

2019 Edition - Armed Contract Security Officers in Federal Facilities: An Interagency Security Committee Best Practice (ACSO)

This ACSO Best Practice document defines the functions of a contract security force as a countermeasure; lists the minimum criteria for suitability, physical, medical, training/education,experience, grooming/appearance, uniforms, and equipment; and provides factors that estimate security staffing levels for specific security posts.

Guidance on Consent Banners

CISA has identified nine factors that entities should consider as they develop banners that provide notice to employees of network monitoring and seek their consent. There is one set of guidance for state, local, tribal and territorial governments, and another set of guidance for private sector entities.

Governance Documents

Establishing a common governing structure for solving interoperability issues will improve the polices, processes, and procedures of any major projects by: enhancing communications, coordination, and cooperation; establishing guidelines and principles; and reducing any internal jurisdictional conflicts.