Best Practices

Autonomous Ground Vehicle Security Guide: Transportation Systems Sector

 As the automotive industry continues to evolve, today’s ground vehicles are increasingly part of connected systems that will change and improve the movement of people and goods within communities and nationwide. Trucking, mass transit, and last-mile delivery services are among the first to adopt this advanced technology and multiple states are conducting pilots to ensure their safe integration. However, while autonomous ground vehicle technology offers benefits to organizations and communities, there are also potential threats to organizations, people, and assets.

Responding to Drone Calls: Guidance for Emergency Communications Centers

Drone use by critical infrastructure and hobbyist alike continue to rise due to their popularity and affordability. As drone activity increases around communities, concerned citizens are likely to contact 9-1-1 call centers and report suspicious drone flights. This guidance provides an overview of safe and unsafe drone flight and a recommended script that Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs) may follow when responding to drone related calls.   

The Business Case for Security

The Business Case for Security is a resource that will help small and mid-sized businesses consider how they can sell the costs for security improvements to senior leaders and other organizational controllers of the purse strings. It provides statistical data on common physical and cybersecurity challenges, as well as suggestions for first steps and resources to assist organizations in bolstering their security postures.

Rack Card

This poster and postcard explains how to know which items in your store can be used to make homemade explosives and recognizing suspicious behaviors that can help prevent bombing incidents.

BMAP Hotel Card

This poster and postcard explains how hotels and lodging facilities can be venues for criminal or terrorist activities. Be alert to any persons who behave suspiciously or engage in unusual actions or activities.

2019 Edition - Armed Contract Security Officers in Federal Facilities: An Interagency Security Committee Best Practice (ACSO)

This ACSO Best Practice document defines the functions of a contract security force as a countermeasure; lists the minimum criteria for suitability, physical, medical, training/education,experience, grooming/appearance, uniforms, and equipment; and provides factors that estimate security staffing levels for specific security posts.

Guidance on Consent Banners

CISA has identified nine factors that entities should consider as they develop banners that provide notice to employees of network monitoring and seek their consent. There is one set of guidance for state, local, tribal and territorial governments, and another set of guidance for private sector entities.