Best Practices

Governance Documents

Establishing a common governing structure for solving interoperability issues will improve the polices, processes, and procedures of any major projects by: enhancing communications, coordination, and cooperation; establishing guidelines and principles; and reducing any internal jurisdictional conflicts.

K-12 School Security Guide

K-12 School Security: A Guide for Preventing and Protecting against Gun Violence (2nd ed., 2018) provides preventive and protective measures to address the threat of gun violence in schools. The Guide is delivered in two parts:  the first portion is a PDF with general security best practices and considerations in narrative format; while the second portion is a Microsoft Excel-based security survey.

Emergency Services Sector Continuity Planning Suite

The Emergency Services Sector Continuity Planning Suite (ESS CPS) provides a centralized collection of existing guidance, processes, products, tools, and best practices to support the development and maturation of continuity planning for the first responder community. ESS CPS was created through a partnership of the Emergency Services Sector-Specific Agency (SSA) and Sector Coordinating Council (SCC).

Sports and Entertainment Venues Bombing Prevention Solutions Portfolio

Designed to be a one-stop-shop for countering the threat of explosives, the Solutions Portfolio can assist you and your teams in identifying and connecting to those resources that best meet your needs. This interactive product contains information on and direct access to OBP’s trainings, products, and resources tailored to the needs of organizations and venues of all types and sizes,  ranging from large stadiums, casinos, and hotels, to smaller theatres, offices, and areas of public assembly.