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Tri-Sector Executive Working Group

The Tri-Sector Executive Working Group is a public-private partnership that facilitates and integrates a collaborative approach to risk management through prioritization, planning, and response across the financial services, communications, and electricity sectors. In today’s interconnected world, a threat to one sector often has ripple effects across multiple sectors, making collaboration key to the Nation’s collective defense. The membership of the Executive Working Group will include senior industry representatives from the Financial Services Sector, Communications Sector, and Electricity Sub-sector and senior government representatives from the Departments of Homeland Security, Treasury, and Energy.  

The Tri-Sector Executive Working Group has launched efforts help direct intelligence collection requirements, build cross-sector risk management playbooks, and better understand systemic risk. The group has also been active in CISA’s effort to identify National Critical Functions, which will help prioritize risk management activity across the Nation.

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