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TSP Eligibility

Typical TSP users are responsible for the command and control functions critical to management of, and response to, national security and civil emergencies. There are five broad categories that serve as guidelines for determining whether a circuit or telecommunications service is eligible for priority provisioning or restoration. TSP service user organizations may be federal, state, local, or tribal governments; public safety and emergency responders; industry partners responsible for maintaining the Nation’s critical infrastructure; non-profit organizations that perform critical national security and emergency preparedness (NS/EP) functions; or foreign governments. Typical TSP service users are responsible for the command and control functions critical to management of and response to national security and civil emergencies.

Essential Service Criteria for TSP

Eligible services must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Serves our national security leadership;
  • Supports the national security posture and U.S. population attack warning systems;
  • Supports public health, safety, and maintenance of law and order activities;
  • Maintains the public welfare and the national economic system; or
  • Is critical to the protection of life and property or to NS/EP activities during an emergency.

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