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What You Can Do

DHS works to safeguard and secure cyberspace through programs such as the Stop.Think.Connect.™ Campaign, a national public awareness effort. Stop.Think.Connect. aims to ensure the public both recognizes cybersecurity challenges and is empowered to address them by providing resources and actionable tips.

DHS also collaborates with government entities, the private sector, and non-profit organizations to reach Americans with awareness of the cyber threats and the shared responsibility we all share to guard against them.

You can help raise cybersecurity awareness within your organization by joining the Campaign’s Cyber Awareness Coalition or National Network.


Since its launch in 2010, Stop.Think.Connect. has led outreach and awareness efforts to carry out the DHS cyber mission of providing citizens with resources and tools to protect themselves, their families, and the nation against growing cyber threats.  Through the Campaign, we have reached Americans across the country to bring greater awareness and understanding of these threats.

  • Local community events have engaged entire communities in cybersecurity awareness featuring involvement from academia, industry, non-profits, and government.
  • Outreach efforts with non-profit organizations have taught millions of Americans how to make safer online decisions; these initiatives have included work with the Girl Scouts of USA, National Crime Prevention Council, Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) America, 4-H, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and YWCA.
  • Resources, such as the Stop.Think.Connect. Toolkit, have provided educational materials and tips tailored to all segments of the community from grade school students and older Americans to small business, government, and more. Download the Toolkit here and share it with your family, friends, and community.
Last Updated Date: December 1, 2020

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