Wireless Related Guidance

Information to help both home users and technical personnel configure, manage, and utilize wireless devices for secure and effective telework.

ST18-001: Securing Network Infrastructure Devices

Security Tip outlines how to security your organization’s network infrastructure devices, highlights the security threats associated with them, and details several recommendations about how you can improve their security.

Relevant Audiences: Small/Medium Business, Network/System Administrators

ST05-003: Securing Wireless Networks

Security Tip addressing how to implement a security strategy to minimize the potential for exploitation of Internet-connected devices (i.e., Internet of Things) in our homes and home offices.

Relevant Audiences: General, Federal Employees, Network/System Administrators

ST18-247: Securing Enterprise Wireless Networks

Security Tip outlining the security threats to our enterprise wireless networks, the steps we can take to minimize the risks to enterprise Wi-Fi networks, and other recommendations your organization can to take to secure your network.

Relevant Audiences: Federal Employees, Network/System Administrators

ST05-015: Understanding Bluetooth Technology

Security Tip that introduces Bluetooth technology, discusses the concerns associated with it, and outlines ways you can protect yourself from these threats.

Relevant Audiences: General

ST15-002: Securing Your Home Network

Security Tip discussing the importance of home network security and the ways in which Americans can improve their security.

Relevant Audiences: General

ST04-020: Protecting Portable Devices: Data Security

Security Tip discussing the importance of protecting the data on your laptop, PDA, or other portable devices. 

Relevant Audiences: General, Small/Medium Business, Federal Employees

ST11-001: Holiday Traveling with Personal Internet-Enabled Devices

Security Tip providing simple recommendations for using your smartphone, tablet, or other portable device with online transactions, including shopping, banking and social media.

Relevant Audiences: General

Best Practices for Using Public Wi-Fi Tip Card (Stop.Think.Connect. Campaign)

Stop.Think.Connect. tip card provides simple tips about connecting to Public Wi-Fi networks, which, when not secure, can expose you to online risks, and present an opportunity for cybercriminals to steal sensitive information.

Relevant Audiences: General, Small/Medium Business

Mobile Security Tip Card (Stop.Think.Connect Campaign) AND Mobile Security: One Pager (Stop.Think.Connect Campaign)

Stop.Think.Connect tip card teaches users how to protect their mobile devices — from smart watches to phones and tablets — from potential threats faced with such technology while on the go.

Relevant Audiences: General


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