WPS Costs

Wireless Priority Service (WPS) users will be responsible for commercial wireless subscription cost and equipment costs (for example, phones, chargers, etc.). WPS charges are in addition to your commercial plan and other feature, toll, and special service charges. WPS charges are payable directly to the cellular provider as a component of the basic service plan.

The following charges may apply to WPS:

  • One-time WPS activation cost of no more than $10 per phone 
  • Monthly WPS service feature cost of no more than $4.50 per phone
  • When WPS is invoked by dialing *272, no more than a 75 cents per minute usage fee

*WPS charges are determined by your wireless service provider. Please contact your provider for specific details. Applicable WPS charges are billed on the existing cellular service provider invoice and are payable directly to the cellular service provider.


For more information on GETSWPS or TSP, please contact the DHS Priority Telecommunications Service Center toll free at 866-627-2255703-676-2255, or via email at support@priority-info.com. Current Points of Contact can access the GETS/WPS Information Distribution System.

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