Ransomware Trainings and Webinars

Trends and Predictions in Ransomware (Cyber Summit 2020)

  • Moderator Rex Booth, DHS CISA, guides a panel discussion focusing on the federal law enforcement perspective regarding Ransomware. The panel, from Day 1 of the 3rd Annual National Cybersecurity Summit from September 2020, features experts Jonathan Holmes, FBI; Jason Conboy, DHS Homeland Security Investigations (HSI); and Mike Moran, U.S. Secret Service

Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Training

Incident Response Training Series

  • Ransomware attacks hit a new target every 14 seconds: shutting down digital operations, stealing information, and exploiting businesses, essential services, and individuals alike. “Don’t Wake Up to a Ransomware Attack” provides essential knowledge to prepare you and your organization to prevent, mitigate, and respond to the ever-growing threat of ransomware attacks. This course is specifically designed to be accessible to a non-technical audience including managers and business leaders, as well as provide an organizational perspective and strategic overview useful to technical specialists.

CISA Webinar: Combating Ransomware


Victims of ransomware should report it immediately to CISA at www.us-cert.gov/report, a local FBI Field Office, or Secret Service Field Office.

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