Barriers to Dingle Sign-On (SSO) Adoption for Small and Medium-Sized Business: Identifying Challenges and Opportunities

Barriers to Single Sign-On Adoption for Small and Medium-Sized Business

Despite the benefits, the rate of SSO adoption by SMBs is limited. SSO vendors and SMBs are encouraged to review and implement actions in this report.  

Enhancing Election Security Through Public Communications

Enhancing Election Security

This guide helps election officials apply communication best practices to election processes.

CISA, JCDC, Government, and Industry Partners Conduct AI Tabletop Exercise. Press Release

AI Tabletop Exercise

CISA conducted the federal government's inaugural tabletop exercise with the private sector focused on effective and coordinated responses to artificial intelligence (AI) security incidents. 

2024 U.S. Federal Elections: The Insider Threat

2024 U.S. Federal Elections: The Insider Threat

CISA, FBI, DHS, and EAC jointly prepared this overview to help election infrastructure stakeholders defend against insider threats to elections.

Alert. Phone Scammers Impersonating CISA Employees. 1-844SAYCISA.

Phone Scammers Impersonating CISA Employees

Impersonation scams are on the rise and often use the names and titles of government employees. CISA is aware of recent impersonation scammers claiming to represent the agency.

Secure our World. Blog. National Internet Safety Month: Take 4 Easy Steps to Stay Safe Online

National Internet Safety Month

Celebrate Internet Safety Month by reading our recent blog, by Acting Assistant Director of Stakeholder Engagement Division Trent Frazier, on four simple steps you can take to stay safe online!

JCDC unifies cyber defenders from organizations worldwide. This diverse team proactively gathers, analyzes, and shares actionable cyber risk information to enable synchronized, holistic cybersecurity planning, cyber defense, and response. is the U.S. Government's official one-stop location for resources to tackle ransomware more effectively.

SAFECOM works to improve emergency communications interoperability across local, regional, tribal, state, territorial, international borders, and with federal government entities.

Additional CISA Resources

Abstract image of a PCB overlayed with cyber design elements

CISA’s Federal Cyber Defense Skilling Academy

CISA’s Federal Cyber Defense Skilling Academy provides full-time federal employees an opportunity to focus on professional growth through an intense, full-time, three-month accelerated training program.

Image of an event with speaker and participants

CISA Events

CISA hosts and participates in events throughout the year to engage stakeholders, seek research partners, and communicate with the public to help protect the homeland.

CISA Services Catalog

A single resource that provides you with access to information on services across CISA’s mission areas.

Employees pictured during training session

CISA Training

As part of our continuing mission to reduce cybersecurity and physical security risk, CISA provides a robust offering of cybersecurity and critical infrastructure training opportunities.