Doing Business With CISA

Doing Business With CISA


The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is an operational component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Under the leadership of Director Jen Easterly, CISA works to understand, manage, and mitigate risk to the nation’s cyber and physical infrastructure in the public and private sector. By working with our partners, we defend against today’s threats and collaborate to build secure and resilient infrastructure for the future.

Whether you're a small business or an established federal contractor, you can play a part in CISA's essential work. Learn more about our mission.

CISA's Vendor Engagement Program (VEP)

Vendors are essential to our mission. CISA relies on private sector partners to help us mitigate cyber and physical risks to critical infrastructure. Our best solutions are advanced through frequent, timely industry engagement.

Vendors provide us with insight into current market capabilities and practices as well as emerging tools and technology. In return, we provide our vendors an avenue to open and fair communication with the government. CISA seeks to maintain routine contact with vendors by creating opportunities to showcase their solutions and brief their capabilities.

Business Opportunities

DHS attracts some of the strongest and most innovative business partners in the world. Learn how to become a DHS business partner or grow your business with us.

CISA is committed to supporting and improving acquisition strategy development, soliciting opportunities, and acquiring information technology tools and services to meet federal cybersecurity and information security goals while helping our stakeholders build cybersecurity capacity. Visit the Doing Business with Capacity Building webpage to learn more about how you or your business can work with CISA to build broader cybersecurity capacity.

Use the Acquisition Forecast Planning System 

We're committed to small business participation in purchasing goods and services. Our Acquisition Planning Forecast System can help you identify procurement opportunities early in the acquisition process.

Engage with VEP

CISA's Vendor Engagement Program provides many opportunities:

  • Meet with VEP. CISA is routinely contacted by vendors requesting an opportunity to brief their capabilities or for information regarding upcoming solicitations. CISA's VEP provides a framework for vendor communications that adheres to all ethical and regulatory guidelines. Request a meeting.
  • Industry Day Events are hosted by CISA, presenting to industry its needs and requirements. It's an opportunity for the government to express its goals, schedule, and solicit feedback about a procurement.  Industry Day events are for vendors and closed to the press. Please refer any media inquiries to
  • Reverse Industry Day Events allow industry to brief CISA on how the substance, method, and timing of communication and engagement affect a company's bid decision, solution development, competition, protests, and contract outcomes.
  • Conferences and Events in which CISA hosts or participates occur throughout the year. Visit CISA Events for upcoming technology demonstrations and events in which CISA hosts or participates.

Contact Us

If you have questions about CISA partnership opportunities or would like to tell us about your capabilities, please email

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