Sector Risk Management Agencies

As content becomes available to provide sector-specific information, that content will be added to the website. The general guidance provided on the Resources pages should be implemented now.

Each of these 16 critical infrastructure sectors has a designated Sector Risk Management Agency (SRMA) as identified in PPD-21:

Each of these critical infrastructure sectors has unique characteristics, operating models, and risk profiles. As such, each SRMA leverages their particular knowledge and expertise to:

  • Coordinate and collaborate with DHS and other relevant Federal departments and agencies, with critical infrastructure owners and operators, where appropriate with independent regulatory agencies, and with SLTT entities, as appropriate, to implement PPD-21.
  • Serve as a day-to-day Federal interface for the dynamic prioritization, collaboration, and coordination of sector-specific activities.
  • Carry out incident management responsibilities consistent with statutory authority and other appropriate policies, directives, or regulations.
  • Provide, support, or facilitate technical assistance and consultations for that sector to identify vulnerabilities and help mitigate incidents, as appropriate.
  • Support the Secretary of Homeland Security’s statutory reporting requirements by providing, on an annual basis, sector-specific critical infrastructure information.

For more details on how PPD-21 directs SRMAs, please see “Appendix B: Roles, Responsibilities, and Capabilities of Critical Infrastructure Partners and Stakeholders” in the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) 2013.