School Safety


A subdivision of CISA's Infrastructure Security Division, the School Safety Task Force (SSTF) supports the Federal government's efforts in strengthening the safety and security of kindergarten through grade 12 (K-12) schools across the country. The SSTF's work centers around building the capacity of K-12 schools and districts to protect against and mitigate security threats and risks. It supports schools by developing and deploying actionable and tailorable guidance, resources, and tools, and by educating K-12 communities on school safety issues, threats, and hazards. 

The SSTF also administers the interagency Federal School Safety Clearinghouse and its public-facing website,, which serves as a comprehensive repository of Federal and state resources, programs, tools, and actionable recommendations on a range of school safety topics. 


The SSTF enhances the safety and security of schools by fostering change through outreach, engagement, and educational campaigns; creating, coordinating, and disseminating resources, products, and tools to support schools in strengthening their physical security postures; and equipping stakeholders with training and expertise to apply best practices in the context of their specific communities, venues, and schools.