New De-Escalation Series Helps Critical Infrastructure Owners and Operators Recognize, Assess, De-Escalate and Report Behaviors that Raise Concern

By Mona Espinosa, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Knowing what to say and what to do when faced with behaviors that raise concern or an incident that is escalating, can prevent a potential violent situation. 

CISA developed the four-product De-Escalation Series for Critical Infrastructure Owners and Operators to:

  1. Recognize the warning signs for someone on a path to violence, identify stressors, changes in baseline behavior, and observable behavioral indicators.
  2. Assess the situation to protect personal safety and the safety of those around you. Identify what an escalating person may look like and warning signs. It is important to create a holistic assessment of the person of concern’s circumstances and stressors; this begins with awareness of one’s self, precipitating events or stressors, and the situation unfolding.
  3. De-escalate the situation currently taking place if safe to do so. Individuals are encouraged to use purposeful actions, verbal techniques, and body language to calm a potentially dangerous situation.  Safety is the highest priority, know your limits, and obtain help immediately if needed.
  4. Report the situation through organizational reporting to enable assessment and management of an evolving threat, and 9-1-1 for immediate threats.

For more information and to access the product, visit our De-Escalation Series page.  For questions please email