CDM Solutions for Federal Agencies

The CDM Program helps federal civilian agencies better understand and improve their network defense strategies.

When agencies first began using CDM tools, they discovered that their networks contained more endpoints (e.g., routers, laptops, PCs) than they had initially estimated—and in some cases the increase was 200% more. By implementing CDM capabilities, agencies are better equipped to address vulnerabilities due to vast improvements in situational awareness across their networks.

The CDM Program equips agencies with tools and capabilities that provide the following benefits:

  • Increased automation to identify assets
  • Improved accuracy, reporting, risk management decision making, and incident response
  • Enhanced near real-time monitoring and risk response
  • Improved oversight and awareness
  • Fewer resources needed to acquire network systems, perform cyber monitoring, and conduct threat remediation efforts
  • Centralized funding for agencies to procure CDM automated tools
  • Streamlined compliance with FISMA and other federal cybersecurity mandates and initiatives
  • Improved visibility and situational awareness within agencies and across the Federal Government