CISA Central

CISA Central is CISA’s hub for staying on top of threats and emerging risks to our nation’s critical infrastructure, whether they’re of cyber, communications or physical origin. CISA Central is the simplest, most centralized way for critical infrastructure partners and stakeholders to engage with CISA, and is the easiest way for all critical infrastructure stakeholders to request assistance and get the information you need to understand the constantly evolving risk landscape.

Through CISA Central, CISA coordinates situational awareness and response to national cyber, communications, and physical incidents. CISA works closely with public, private sector, and international partners, offering technical assistance, information security and education to protect our nation’s critical infrastructure from a broad range of current cyber, communication, and physical threats.

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To report anomalous cyber activity and/or cyber incidents 24/7 email or (888) 282-0870.

For a list of operational reports produced by CISA Central, view the CISA Central Reporting slick sheet.

Personalized support

Many of the services CISA offers are provided through the CISA Regions. Regional personnel work with critical infrastructure partners and communities at the regional, state, county, tribal, and local levels to:

  • Support preparation, response, and recovery efforts for hazards impacting critical infrastructure
  • Safeguard soft targets and crowded places
  • Conduct and integrate infrastructure assessments and analysis, including dependencies and cascading effects, on critical infrastructure to influence decision-making at all phases of emergency management
  • Facilitate information sharing between public and private sector critical infrastructure partners
  • Enhance election infrastructure security and other critical infrastructure cyber systems
  • Improve situational awareness of cybersecurity risks and incidents

Within each CISA Region are  local and regional Protective Security Advisors (PSAs), Cybersecurity Advisors (CSAs), Emergency Communications Coordinators, and other CISA personnel. These field personnel advise and assist in training and exercising some of the best practices to supporting our partners in achieving more robust resilience.

PSAs are trained subject matter experts in critical infrastructure protection and vulnerability mitigation. They facilitate local field activities in coordination with other Department of Homeland Security offices. They also advise and assist state, local, and private sector officials and critical infrastructure facility owners and operators.

CSAs offer cybersecurity assistance to critical infrastructure owners and operators and SLTT governments. CSAs introduce organizations to various CISA cybersecurity products and services, along with other public and private resources, and act as liaisons to CISA cyber programs. CSAs can provide cyber preparedness, assessments and protective resources, strategic messaging, working group support and leadership, partnership in public-private development, and incident coordination and support in times of cyber threat, disruption, and attack.

Emergency Communications Coordinators support emergency communications interoperability by offering training, tools, workshops, and regional support. These services assist CISA stakeholders in ensuring they have communications during steady and emergency operations. Through these programs, CISA helps ensure public safety and national security and emergency preparedness communities can seamlessly and securely communicate.

CISA’s field staff operate out of CISA’s network of regional offices located in each of CISA’s ten regions. Each region supports a specific portfolio of states. Please refer to the following listing for locations served by each region and contact information, or visit

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