CISA Cyber Workforce Developer and Manager

This role develops cyberspace workforce plans, strategies, and guidance to support cyberspace workforce manpower, personnel, training and education requirements and to address changes to cyberspace policy, doctrine, materiel, force structure, and education and training requirements.

Personnel performing this role may unofficially or alternatively be called:

  • Cyber Workforce Development and Planning Specialist
  • Chief Human Capital Officer
  • Human Capital Specialist
  • Manpower Analyst
  • Workforce Development Project/Program Manager
  • Workforce Development Specialist
  • Workforce Planner
  • Workforce Planning Analyst
  • Workforce Research Analyst

Skill Community: Cross Functional
Category: Oversee and Govern
Specialty Area: Strategic Planning and Policy

Core Tasks

  • Advocate for adequate funding for cyber training resources, to include both internal and industry-provided courses, instructors, and related materials. (T0341)
  • Coordinate with internal and external subject matter experts to ensure existing qualification standards reflect organizational functional requirements and meet industry standards. (T0355)
  • Develop and implement standardized position descriptions based on established cyber work roles. (T0362)
  • Develop and review recruiting, hiring, and retention procedures in accordance with current HR policies. (T0363)
  • Ensure that cyber career fields are managed in accordance with organizational HR policies and directives. (T0368)
  • Ensure that cyber workforce management policies and processes comply with legal and organizational requirements regarding equal opportunity, diversity, and fair hiring/employment practices. (T0369)
  • Establish and collect metrics to monitor and validate cyber workforce readiness including analysis of cyber workforce data to assess the status of positions identified, filled, and filled with qualified personnel. (T0372)
  • Establish cyber career paths to allow career progression, deliberate development, and growth within and between cyber career fields. (T0374)
  • Establish manpower, personnel, and qualification data element standards to support cyber workforce management and reporting requirements. (T0375)
  • Establish, resource, implement, and assess cyber workforce management programs in accordance with organizational requirements. (T0376)
  • Review and apply cyber career field qualification standards. (T0387)
  • Review and apply organizational policies related to or influencing the cyber workforce. (T0388)
  • Review/Assess cyber workforce effectiveness to adjust skill and/or qualification standards. (T0390)
  • Support integration of qualified cyber workforce personnel into information systems life cycle development processes. (T0391)
  • Design/integrate a cyber strategy that outlines the vision, mission, and goals that align with the organization’s strategic plan. (T0445)
  • Identify and address cyber workforce planning and management issues (e.g. recruitment, retention, and training). (T0481)

Core Competencies

  • External Awareness
  • Organizational Awareness
  • Policy Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Teaching Others
  • Workforce Management

Core Knowledge, Skills, Abilities (KSAs)

  • Ability to leverage best practices and lessons learned of external organizations and academic institutions dealing with cyber issues. (A0037)
  • Knowledge of the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, work roles, and associated tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities. (K0233)
  • Knowledge of external organizations and academic institutions with cyber focus (e.g., cyber curriculum/training and Research & Development). (K0313)
  • Knowledge of organizational human resource policies, processes, and procedures. (K0241)
  • Ability to develop policy, plans, and strategy in compliance with laws, regulations, policies, and standards in support of organizational cyber activities. (A0033)
  • Ability to assess and forecast manpower requirements to meet organizational objectives. (A0028)
  • Knowledge of organizational training and education policies, processes, and procedures. (K0243)
  • Ability to determine the validity of workforce trend data. (A0053)
  • Skill in developing workforce and position qualification standards. (S0108)

How to Apply

To apply for this work role, submit an application to one or more of CISA's vacancy announcements. Please ensure your resume has been updated to reflect your demonstrated experience performing the above tasks and describe your exposure to the listed competencies.

  1. Assign the appropriate Task ID and/or Core KSA ID to each experience statement in your resume. Task and KSA IDs are listed in parenthesis at the end of each bullet above.
  2. You must also include demonstrated experience on the four required competencies:
  • Attention to Detail
  • Customer Service
  • Oral Communication
  • Problem Solving

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