De-Escalation Series - Translated Resources

This translated series describes activities and behaviors that may be concerning or indicative of impending violence. Some of these activities while concerning, may be constitutionally protected and should be reported only when there are sufficient facts to support a rational conclusion that the behavior represents a potential threat of violence. Do not report based solely on protected activities, or on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or a combination of only such factors. In addition, be aware that critical infrastructure owners and their operations may also be targeted based on these factors.


Recognize - Simplified Chinese

Assess – Simplified Chinese

De-Escalate – Simplified Chinese

Report – Simplified Chinese

Recognize - Traditional Chinese

Assess – Traditional Chinese

De-Escalate – Traditional Chinese

Report – Traditional Chinese


Recognize - French Translation

Assess – French Translation

De-Escalate – French Translation

Report – French Translation


Recognize - Korean Translation

Assess – Korean Translation

De-Escalate – Korean Translation

Report – Korean Translation


Recognize – Spanish Translation

Assess – Spanish Translation

De-Escalate – Spanish Translation

Report – Spanish Translation

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