CISA Global

CISA Global


Today’s globally interconnected world presents a wide array of serious risks and threats to critical infrastructure, systems, assets, functions, and citizens. Given the dynamic threat landscape and significant developments in global cybersecurity and related policies, the U.S. government must remain fully engaged to shape an environment that will preserve our national security interests, economic security interests, and competitiveness into the future.

Working with foreign partners builds CISA’s capacity and strengthens our ability to globally defend against cyber incidents, enhance the security and resilience of critical infrastructure, identify and address the most significant risks to the national critical functions, and provide seamless and secure emergency communications.  Sharing threat information, mitigation advice, and best practices with international partners not only reinforces good cyber hygiene, but also bolsters the resiliency within our respective systems and critical infrastructure, which in turn, foster a safer cyber-physical ecosystem for all.

CISA Global outlines how CISA will work with international partners to fulfill our responsibilities, execute our work, and create unity of effort within our mission areas. The strategy details CISA’s international vision and commits the agency to four goals:

  1. Advancing operational cooperation;
  2. Building partner capacity;
  3. Strengthening collaboration through stakeholder engagement and outreach; and
  4. Shaping the global policy ecosystem.

CISA is committed to promoting an open, interoperable, reliable and secure interconnected world within a global, operational and policy environment where network defenders and risk managers can collectively prevent and mitigate threats to critical infrastructure.

  • Download CISA Global in either a print or web version.


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