Recruiting and Hiring FAQs

The federal hiring process is different than applying for a position in the private sector. While the process can be confusing to navigate, we have gathered our most frequently asked questions and provided answers to assist you in applying for a position with CISA. Still have a hiring related question? We're here to help! Send us an email at to access our team of recruiters who are happy to give you further guidance. 


General Hiring FAQs

Do I need a clearance to apply? What does 'promotion potential' mean? If you are new to the federal hiring process, or want to know how hiring works at CISA, you can learn more here

One-Stop Hiring Event FAQs

CISA hosts and/or participates in events where job seekers can meet and greet with recruiters and subject matter experts, interview with hiring officials, and receive a job offer, all in the same day! Read more about how these events work and what to expect

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