Infrastructure Visualization Platform

The Infrastructure Visualization Platform (IVP) is a data collection and presentation medium that combines immersive imagery, geospatial information, and hypermedia data of critical facilities and surrounding areas to enhance planning, protection, and response efforts.

Program Description

An IVP supports critical infrastructure security and response operations by integrating high-resolution, interactive visual data, as well as additional assessment information. These imagery captures are conducted in support of National Special Security Events and other special events, steady state operations at critical infrastructure facilities, as well as in response to threats to soft targets and/or crowded places. The IVP may be requested by facility owners and operators, federal, state, and local law enforcement officials, and emergency response personnel via the local Protective Security Advisor. The IVP program collaborates with the United States Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other agencies to conduct imagery collections in support of special events, such as the Super Bowl, Presidential debates and inaugurations, and National Collegiate Athletic Association championship sporting events. 

When conducting an imagery capture, the IVP team considers two viewpoints: hostile target and civil response. For the hostile target viewpoint in which a facility or building is viewed as a tactical objective, the team collects multimedia data to document approach and exit routes, use of lighting, visible and hidden entrances, loading docks, and parking garages. In considering the civil response viewpoint, the team collects data on obstructions and restrictions that would affect the approach of emergency response vehicles and equipment to the site and street/parking accessibility in proximity to building access points. Additional data collected includes relevant “areas of emphasis,” such as exterior and interior critical support equipment (water valves, electrical shut-off panels, back-up generators, etc.), personnel emergency marshaling points, and control centers.   

Main Satellite Image


IVP Product Layout


The final product is a portable, interactive document containing the imagery, data, and analysis of the facility that is provided to the requesting stakeholder, typically a facility representative, or special event security planning personnel. This information assists these users in training, planning, and making informed incident preparedness and management decisions. Other Cyber Security and infrastructure Security Agency assessments, such as Regional Resiliency Assessment Program documents and Infrastructure Survey Tools can be added to the IVP producing a single interactive product.  

Additional Information

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