Interagency Security Committee Compliance Program

The Interagency Security Committee (ISC) Compliance Program influences departments and agencies to follow ISC policies and standards through compliance reporting, assistance, and verification.

Compliance Reporting

The Compliance Reporting consists of providing ISC stakeholders with means to measure, report, and analyze compliance with ISC policies and standards. The ISC developed the Compliance Benchmarks and the ISC Compliance System (ISC-CS) for reporting purposes.

  • The Compliance Benchmarks are a mechanism to assess the degree to which federal facilities have implemented the policies and standards of the ISC. There are three types of Compliance Benchmarks: Organization, Facility, and Multi-Tenant Facility. To access the ISC Compliance Benchmarks please email
  • The ISC Compliance System (ISC-CS) is a means for collecting and analyzing benchmark responses to assist federal departments and agencies in reporting and measuring compliance. It is a web-based platform designed to collect benchmark information from all ISC members to determine level of compliance with ISC policies and standards.

Compliance Assistance

Compliance Assistance helps ISC stakeholders in understanding the actions needed to become compliant, as well as how to submit information into the ISC-CS. Email to reach the ISC Compliance Support Team for assistance.

Compliance Verification

Compliance Verification involves confirming a department's or agency's compliance. Verification aligns with the Government Accountability Office's recommendations, enables the sharing of best practices across organizations, and increases a department or agency's confidence in their compliance efforts. The verification process is currently in development with the ISC Verification Pilot underway in Fiscal Year 2022.

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